Restore Blendz Cleanse

The Restore Blendz Cleanse detox system is design to cleanse the, liver, gallbladder, kidneys, colon, and skin. Helping to remove excess toxins and waste from vital organs to achieve homeostasis. It is an electric blend of fruits, vegetables, roots, nuts, and elimination herbs.

The cost
$40/day or 3 days for $105. Add optional Elimination Herds, $45/day or 3 days for $120.

Preparing for your Blendz Cleanse
It's always a good idea to plan your Cleanse around a time where you will be in a place where your comfortable with the elimination process. At least if this is your first time cleaning and definitely for the first day. It is suggested to incorporate detoxing into your lifestyle and plan to cleanse every few months. Start preparing a day or so prior to the Cleanse by increasing your water intake & high fiber foods like fruits and vegetables. Cut back/out Carb heavy & fatty foods like pizza.


Enjoying the Blendz Cleanse
The Restore Blendz Cleanse system is a total of 5 Blendz a day. They are labeled in the suggested drinking order:

supports the detoxification of liver & kidneys
stimulate bowel function
removes excess mucus

#1 Breakfast

  • Supports the detoxification of liver and kidneys
  • Stimulate bowel function
  • Removes excess mucus

#2 Snack

  • Increase stamina

  • Supports lowering of blood pressure

  • Antioxidants rich

#3 Lunch

  • Supports of detoxification gallbladder
  • Increase release of bile
  • Mild laxative

#4 Snack

  • Increase blood flow
  • Boost metabolism
  • Replenish vitamins & minerals

#5 Dinner

  • Fiber
  • Protein
  • Overall bone health

Optional Add-On

  • Binds and eliminates colon waste

Consume #1 within 30-45 min of waking up. Plan to consume 1 Blend in order every 2-3 hours drinking plenty of water between. The optional Elimination Herds (Pysllium Hull & Smooth Move Tea) MUST be done together. Brew tea for least 15min, then mix the Pysllium with 6-8oz of water. Drink immediately, followed by warm tea. This process is typically performed before bedtime. It takes approximately 4-6 hours to work though binding old waste in your colon, then stimulate your elimination process to push and release the gathered waste.

Breaking the Blendz Cleanse
You always want to break the cleanse slowly and over a few days. You don't want to eat anything your stomach will have to work hard on digesting. Stick with fruits high in water like melons (no citrus) and vegetables, preferably raw. You can have all you want till your hearts content. Then add in some cooked vegies, soups or broths & nuts for protein. By day 3 add back in complex carbs like sweet potatoes, Quinoa, brown rice. Day 4 will be a good time to add in your lean protein like chicken breast & salmon.